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6-Week Weight Loss Kick Start

Ladies, are you tired of trying diets that continue to fail you? Are you having a difficult time sticking to a plan because you can't eat your favorite foods? Are you tired of eating chicken & broccoli for every meal?

If you answered "yes" to any of these or just ready to lose the weight for good then you are in the right spot. It is time to ditch the old "diet" that made weight loss miserable and learn how to eat for YOUR body! Here at Bite Into Nutrition, we do not use a one size fits all approach. We teach you how to nourish your body, create satisfying meals, and create long-lasting changes. This program has been created to teach you how to eat for your body so you can keep the weight off for good!



What You Will Get Out Of This Program

1 \ A results-driven method

  • Weight loss

  • A faster metabolism 

  • Education on how to live a healthy lifestyle

  • More energy (with less caffeine intake)

  • Improved sleep at night

  • Feeling good about being YOU

2 \ Live weekly meeting

  • 60-minute weekly calls to answer all of your questions

3 \ A Meal Planning App

  • Providing additional accountability

  • Over 6500 recipes

  • Customization options

  • Itemized grocery lists

  • Grocery pickup/delivery options

  • Saving you 90 minutes per week

4 \ Accountability Check-Ins

  • Every Friday I review your intake & meal plan

    • Feedback provided​

  • All questions answered to ensure you're on the right path

4 \  A community of women like yourself​​

  • Friendships with people that are just like you

  • A judge-free space to ask any question and be yourself!


The Details:

This weight loss program is held over a 6-week period. The group will meet virtually every Wednesday evening at 7 pm CT.  Each live meeting will give you time to ask all of your questions. If you are unable to attend the live meeting, you can upload questions beforehand and watch the playback within 24 hours. 

Outside of the group meeting, you will be given the tools needed to be successful. This will include access to my meal planning & tracking app, educational handouts that will be discussed, and a weekly workbook (to be filled out on the calls). 


Lastly, you will be invited to join an exclusive group to meet others like you! This is a great opportunity to build new friendships with women also looking to lose weight.

What Other Women Are Saying:

"Honestly, I found the entire experience to be beneficial. My family has made many intentional changes because of working with you." -Laura

"I really like how welcoming and open the forum is to discuss any questions or struggles. I never felt judged for any questions or "slipping up" with desserts during the Holidays." -Sarah

"Rebecca was really informative and helpful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn about nutrition and how to balance your meals. I will definitely be using her again!" -Nicole

"I feel like you should call the program "reset" because that is truly what your help provided to myself and my family. You made the whole experience extremely easy. I actually sat next to my boss the other day and she was telling me about this "fad diet" that she is doing. She's miserable, hungry, and eating fake food. Listening to her made me so grateful that I did your program and reset for the new year."

 -Weight loss group alumni 

"I had never seen a nutritionist before and was a little nervous about it. Rebecca made me feel very comfortable, and was very friendly, bright, and cheery. She offered VERY helpful tips on things I was having trouble with, listened to all my concerns, and answered every question I had. I never felt judged (which I was originally nervous about) and she has really helped me with understanding how to properly fuel my body and get the proper nutrition I need. Would highly recommend! :)" -Jillian

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