6-Week Diet Overhaul 

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Starts 3/30


What you will get out of this program!

  • Weight loss

  • A faster metabolism 

  • Education on how to live a healthy lifestyle

  • More energy (with less caffeine intake)

  • Improved sleep at night

  • Feeling good about being YOU

  • Friendships with people that are just like you

  • Meal plans for 2 months, complete with weekly grocery lists


The Details:

This weight loss program is held over a 6 week period. Prior to the first group session, you will have a one-on-one virtual session with a Registered Dietitian. The group will meet virtually every week. Each week a different topic will be covered to ensure you have the education needed to continue after this course. This is a great opportunity to meet people like you and to see what is and is not working for them. Meetings will be held Monday evenings. The weekly handout and meal plan will be emailed the Friday before our meeting.

Weekly Topics:

Week 4: How much protein do we really need?Week 5: Building a meal & meal planning

Week 6: How to sustain this lifestyle

Week 1: Carbohydrates, do we really need them?

Week 2: Healthy vs. unhealthy fats 

Week 3: Fruits & Veggies and their role in our diet

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