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What to expect when working with me:

- Individualized, nutrition counseling that you will be able to adapt to your everyday life

- Knowledge in nutrition to help you live a healthier lifestyle 


- Increased confidence

- Increased energy


- Unlimited Support

On the Scales

Weight Loss

Losing weight is stressful and confusing, especially with all of the information out there. Let me complete a nutrition analysis to determine what YOUR body needs! I will provide the guidance and accountability along the way to help you reach our goal.

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Chronic Disease

The food we consume has a long-lasting impact on our overall health. Whether you have just been diagnosed or have had a condition for years, I will work with you to gain control of your health again. I will provide you with science-based recommendations to improve your overall health.

Healthy Food

Diet Improvement

Knowing if your diet is balanced and you are getting all of the nutrients you need can be difficult to determine. Checking in with a Registered Dietitian yearly can help to ensure you have a good base diet. 

How to work with me:

I am 100% virtual and able to meet you where you are at through my HIPAA complaint video platform! This allows you to meet with me during your 30-minute lunch break or between work meetings and does not take time out of your evenings! Many of my clients choose to meet bi-weekly, but let's connect to see what would fit your needs the best!


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