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What I ate this week

This week I had a lot more fun in the kitchen. It was cold and rainy on Sunday so it left me with a lot of time in the kitchen!! It has been a goal of mine to try 1 or 2 new recipes this week, and I did! For breakfast I made banana bread! This is my husband's favorite breakfast item. He is not a big breakfast eater, so whenever our bananas are too ripe I like to make it for him! I swap out the flour for whole wheat and add some flax seeds to make it a little healthier. I had this a few mornings along with some yogurt or eggs and fruit! Recently, I've been on a fruit kick and it's cured my sweet tooth! (Not complaining since bathing suit season is here!!)

My lunch, this week, was the usual salad. I really try to have a salad every afternoon to make sure I am getting all my veggies in. Also, I never have a crash after lunch. When you put clean foods into your body you feel better! I have a hard enough time being at work in the afternoon that I can't handle a crash! This is what my typical salad looks like! Sometimes I will add tuna fish to it, but only if there's not much mayo- I've never been a fan. 🙊

For dinner this week I switched it up a little. I made a turmeric cauliflower soup on Sunday! It was perfect for our gloomy day. I don't make soup often, but when I do Dj is very appreciative. There is a link to the recipe here. It makes 4 larger bowls! We had leftovers in Monday and it tasted even better!

I topped mine with an avocado to add some healthy fats, which kept me full all night! Dj was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday, so I was on my own. I am dying to try a spaghetti squash recipe- I'm thinking next week! I'll fill you in on it! Anyways, I made a stir fry one night and topped it with meatless chicken tenders. I just popped them into the toaster oven and it was the perfect topping!

I also had a veggie burger one night. I don't usually use a whole bun. This time I had a piece of ezekiel bread. I toasted it, put my burger on top, and then topped it with sauerkraut. It was something new and I ended up loving it!

Overall, it was a pretty good week! I've been pretty busy with things, but was able to workout most days and make good food choices! When I workout it always leads to better decisions: life and food! My brother is in town next week, so our diet should be pretty interesting! I can't wait to fill you all in!

Enjoy your weekend!

Becky <3

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