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6 Tips To Keep Up With Your Workouts

Exercise is a topic I always discuss with all of my clients. When adapting a healthier lifestyle,

exercise is an important component. There are many positive effects exercise has on your overall health: increased endorphins & energy, cardiovascular health, and can help with weight maintenance.

We all know exercise is important, but it is something that we often push off our schedule. Our daily lives are often very busy and when we need an extra 30-60, eliminating our workout will give us that needed time. It is time to start thinking of our exercise as a concrete plan in our daily agenda. It is not something that can be easily cancelled or moved to another day. Our health is not something that we can keep putting off.

If you’re anything like me, you get cranky and sluggish if you skip a workout or if I go more than 2 or 3 days without any exercise. This is often reflected in our mood and they way we treat others. It is getting nicer out, which means everyone can exercise for free!

Here are 6 tips to keep up with your workouts!

1. Have accountability

When we are held accountable we are more likely to follow through. Call a friend and ask them to be your workout partner. This does not mean they have to live down the street or in the same state. If you can both agree on the same time, then call each other on your way to the gym or on your walk! If you can’t workout at the same time make sure you stay in contact and encourage each other! This will help you to get through some of those tough spots when you just want to stay home.

2. Work out before the rest of the world is up

Working out first thing in the morning allows you to get your workout out of the way and does not allow for daily activities to crowd it out. I have also found that when we work out in the morning we make better dietary choices throughout the day! (Unless you think you can have an extra scoop of ice cream because you worked out)

3. Only wear workout clothes to workout

As soon as you get up, put on your workout clothes. This will set your intentions! Have a small breakfast or shake and then start your workout. When we put on our workout clothes we are telling ourselves that we are going to work out. If you only wear athletic clothes to workout, you will not want to take them off until you work out.

4. Sign up and go

If you work out at a gym or studio sign up for a few classes at the beginning of the week. Schedule a time that you know you will be able to make it and DO NOT CHANGE OR CANCEL IT.

5.Take small steps

Do not set your goals that are not within reach, be realistic. You do not want to set yourself up for failure and become discouraged. You may want to start out with a goal of doing some type of exercise for 20 minutes/day for 3 days/week. Once you hit that goal for a few weeks then increase it. Before you know it you will be walking 30 minutes/day and feeling great!

6. If you have an off day/week keep going

We all have off days or weeks, it happens. Do not let this inhibit your progress. Get back into it even if it is extremely hard. This is especially common after a vacation. Your motivation is gone and you had an off week. Do not let an upcoming vacation be your only motivation, do it because it makes you feel good and you want a healthier way of life.

I hope some of these tips can help you on your road to a healthier lifestyle. We all have our setbacks and have days we need the extra encouragement. Do not get discouraged keep it up.

Food for thought: You will never regret working out, but you will regret missing a workout.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and get out and enjoy the beautiful world!


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