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3 Simple Tips To Improve Road Trips

Summer is nearly here, which means road trips with the kids (or just your husband who qualifies as a kid)! If you travel like I did growing up it means minimal stops and meals in the car. We always wanted to get to our destination ASAP and take full advantage of our vacation. This meant that all meals and snacks were consumed in the car.

This is how much fun meal time was in my car: I didn't eat meat, one brother only eats meat and no fruits and veggies, and the other would refuse to eat fast food. Sometimes Adam would agree on Subway, which would mean we would have to drive until we saw one. This was 20 years ago and there wasn't a Subway on every corner. Thankfully my mom was on top of it and had great snack options!

As long as you're prepared, road trips can be a lot of fun for the whole family. With these tips you'll be sure to get to your destination with full bellies and feeling great!

1. Car Snacks

I always recommend staying away from the "fruit" snacks and candy. These are full of sugar, which will cause a spike in blood sugar and then a crash. When buckled into a car your child (or yourself) will not be able to run off some of those carbs, helping your body to breakdown the sugar. This sugar high is followed by a crash which can be a change in their mood and leaving them feeling down.

I recommend packing berries, apples, or pears. These all contain a good amount of fiber and will help to keep your bellies full and mood stable! Adding some almond butter or peanut butter to your apple will help to hold the hungry bellies over for a longer period of time! Justin's has a wide variety of nut butters that come in travel-friendly packaging! One of my favorite products is their banana chips and peanut butter snack pack!

If your family likes to eat bars (they tend to be less mess) try these bars! Health Warrior has a great line of products and are often my go to bar!. They are packed with superfoods and taste great! The main ingredient in their bars are chia seeds! Chia seeds are PACKED with fiber and are high in Omega-3s (brain food)!! Your kids will love them and you will too!

2. Eating on the Road

The food we put into your bodies has a direct relationship with: our mood, the way our stomach feels, and even how regular our bowels are. This is why our bowels are usually different when we are on vacation. When we arrive to our destination, we want to be feeling great and what our family to feel the same way. This is why it is important to fuel our bodies with the right foods. Here are a few tips when ordering at a fastfood restaurant:

a. Skip the soft drinks and order water!

b. Don't feel guilty about order a burger, but pair it with a side salad. The fiber from the

salad will keep you feeling satisfied longer, plus you're getting your veggies in!

c. Go for the grilled options over the fried! Most fast food restaurants have grilled chicken sandwiches available now. Chick-fil-a even has grilled chicken nuggets!!

d. Don't size up. The portion sizes at most restaurants are already larger than the suggested servings sizes. This is just adding additional calories, fat, and sodium to your diet.

3. Take an extra pit stop

Sitting in one seat for several hours can be very boring, despite your age. Take a few extra stops and let everyone stretch their legs and run around. I think rest stops should have playgrounds on them to let the kids burn off some of their energy. Until that happens, bring a frisbee or a small ball to throw around. This will get the whole family active and make the next stretch of driving a little more tolerable.

I hope these tips help you to enjoy your next family road trip! Please comment below if you have any additional tips!

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